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Tag: Purchaser’s FICA Requirements

Seller’s & Purchaser’s FICA Requirements

This article is a guide to the list of documents required when you buy or sell your property.

Information to be obtained


  • Full names
  • Date of birth
  • Identity or passport number
  • Nationality (Foreign nationals only)
  • Confirmation of marital status
  • Confirmation of income tax numbers

Residential address:

  • Verification of residential address
  • For a customer who co-habits or lives with another person, verification documents that reflect the other person’s details, as well as proof of the relationship between the co-habitants is required.

Acceptable documentation:

  • Formal identity document
  • Valid passport (not expired)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Antenuptial contract
  • Tax return certificate
  • A formal document reflecting the name and residential address of the customer ( no less than 3 months old) such as:-
    • A utility bill
    • A bank statement
    • A lease or rental agreement
    • A municipal rates and tax invoice
    • A telephone account