AED Attorneys occupies a very personalised space in the legal sphere, dealing specifically with three processes that often get lost in the confusing production line of larger legal firms — namely Wills and Trusts, Administration of Estates, and Property Transfers.

The loss of a loved one, the administration of an estate, and the transfer of a property are often tied together in one traumatic event, so it can be a tremendous relief if our single, dedicated team of experts handles it all and takes away the worry and distress.

Our caring approach and our ability to explain the process in easy-to-understand terms allows us to keep clients updated, with the knowledge that we are just one phone call away.

We tackle the bureaucracy of a deceased estate with the same ease that we handle the transfer of a property to a new homeowner. Our willingness to fight creditors on a client’s behalf is matched by our skill in negotiating the minefield of red-tape and delays that are so confusing for someone who isn’t familiar with the processes.

Equally, we can assist in just one of these functions if that is what you need — and we will still ensure the experience is as painless as possible. If, over time, you would like to make use of the other two branches of our expertise, we have all the tools, contacts and information at our fingertips, ready to create a customised solution.

Empathy, caring hearts, and a willingness to listen are the hallmarks of our business and we invite you to get in touch with us and see how we can help you ensure that your heirs, your family members and your property don’t get lost in a battlefield of bureaucracy, or whisked away by unscrupulous opportunists and vague financial regulations.

We believe that family matters when dealing with family matters


Wills and Trusts

Estate planning
Drafting of wills and testaments
Drafting of trust deeds
We can help with drafting your will and setting up your trust.


Administration of Section 18(3) estates
Administration of deceased estates
Administration of insolvent deceased estates
Administration of trusts
Find out about more about our Administration services.


We can assist you with the transfer of your new property.
Find out more about our Conveyancing service.