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What are the effects of putting an insolvency clause in your will?

Insolvency has become a sobering reality for a lot of people. The most recent statistics from Statistics South Africa showed that insolvencies increased by 123% in the three months ended August 2021 compared to the same time in 2020. Facing insolvency isn’t always because you made poor financial decisions. The global pandemic taught us many […]
SARS penalties

SARS penalties for delayed Transfer Duty payments

Buying a property is a massive investment into your future and can, for some, be a form of financial security. Purchasers should be aware of all the fees and costs that go into buying a property, though, as it is not just the purchase price that needs to be paid. Transfer Duty is an additional […]
Adoption and Inheritance

Adoption and Inheritance in terms of the Intestate Succession Act

Children are usually seen as the descendants of their parents. They are often also some of the first people to be named as the beneficiaries of a parent’s will, though they do not legally have a right to inherit. Minor children, however, are their parents’ responsibility, even in death, and even if a child is […]
Effects of signing surety on a bond and what happens on divorce or death

Effects of signing surety on a bond and what happens on divorce or death

What if your life partner, business partner, family member or friends comes to you one day saying they want to take out a loan, but the bank says their monthly income and net asset value does not make them financially viable. The bank also said they can get a loan if someone signs surety on […]
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Power Of Attorney

What does a power of attorney cover and when does it cease to exist? If you are temporarily unable to manage some or all of your affairs, you might want to grant a trusted family member, attorney or financial advisor the authority to do so on your behalf. In other words, you wish to grant […]

Death and Not Legally Married

My life partner passed away and we weren’t legally married, now what? There are various ways to get married in South Africa. There are also various reasons that a couple would be life partners, but not get legally married. These reasons are often personal in nature and one can only speculate as to what they […]
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When a family has to deal with the death of a loved one, it places a lot of emotional stress on them. If that loved one is also the breadwinner or important monetary contributor to a family, the added financial strain makes it even more difficult to grieve and deal with your emotions in a […]
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Documents executed inside or outside of South Africa

Documents that are signed in South Africa but need to be used internationally, and vice versa, need to be signed and executed correctly, and you have to make sure they are legalised.  These documents could include certified copies, academic certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, police clearance certificates, power of attorney, etc. Signing/executing documents in South […]
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Executors or Brokers – Who deals with your policies after you die

Planning for the future is an activity that we all should engage in from time to time. We should not just plan for the immediate future, but we should keep in mind that some of the planning we do now can greatly affect the people we leave behind when we pass away. That is why […]
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Valid Will

The importance of a valid will which is drafted correctly There are some documents and contracts in your life that will simply be much more important than others. Your will is such a document. It is a document that becomes very important once you’ve passed away and also gives you the best chance to ensure your […]
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